Success stories


38 office workplaces

were furnished with SITAG mobiliar. Optimal space use and short paths were essential. With the SITAG cabinet program the employees have enough space for their things. Combined with the height adjustable table SITAGACTIVE and the chairs SITAGEGO it results a perfect office equipment.

The central element of the furniture concept here is the SITAG ORGATOWER. With this furniture the wish for more deposit area in the personal Access map can be satisfied. The ORGATOWER is very space saving and has still to offer much deposit area. In Addition, it reduces the volume-level, creating a small niche in which you can work undisturbed and in silence.

Again and again, we proves our planning competence. The decades of experience in planning and furnishing of offices with an extensive variety of requirement profiles and room sizes were also convincing for the Feinjersey Group. Here as well, the integration of series and bespoke products proved to be seamless and flawless. It goes without saying that all customer wishes were satisfi ed, down to the last detail.