Success stories

Max-Planck-Institut Frankfurt

SITAG equips

70 offices, 6 conference rooms as well as 4 meeting rooms at the Max Planck Institute were furnishes by SITAG. This Institute is dedicated to Research into the physic, neuronal, and socio-cultural fundamentals of aesthetic perception and discernment. It was necessary to break up the austere structural organization of the original existing building to meet the needs of an institute dedicated to scientific research, and to create new spatial arrangements.

In the view of the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics, SITAG naturally concentrated on the appearance and the impressions made by its furnishing - but also of course on the comfort and functionality of the office furniture. The SITAGWAVE operator swivel chair has proved a favourite here owing to its youthful, dynamic character and its appealing colour characteristics. It is the ideal complement to the straight, Purist line of the timelessly classical MCS desk range.

The Lab zones were furnished with especially manufactured MCS desks with partition walls. In the executive suites, SITAG installed a special version of its MCS cabinet system.

Exciting contrasts result from the combination of the MCS cabinet System, the SITAGPOINT MESH operator swivel chair and historic furniture. SITAGPOINT MESH is appealing not only by its translucent colourfulness, but also by its outstanding sitting comfort.

SITAGCONTACT conference chairs are characterized by a triad consisting of noble materials, flawless craftmanship and elegant design. Together with warm Wood elements in the rooms, they endow the six central conference rooms with an exclusive flair. Additional smaller conference rooms on department Level were furnished with the light and transparent SITAG EL100 and SITAGWORLD MESH meeting-room chairs. In combination with SITAGMOVE folding tables, they enable fast and individual matching of the furniture to any particular meeting size.