Success stories

Together with the specialized contractor Glatex AG, SITAG AG has furnished the new offices for the company Marty Ingenieure AG in Ziegelbrück, Switzerland.

Under the direction of the architects Fuchsbau Architekten AG, the office complex in Ziegelbrücke has been expanded by adding an impressive, threestory new building – one which continues the architectural language of the prior buildings. Façade anchors call attention to use of the facilities by a company in the green sector, and lend the two main façades natural sun shading with their gracefully designed glazing. It was here that the company Marty Ingenieure AG moved into a generously dimensioned floor of the complex. Planning of this office storey took place in collaboration with the specialized contractors Glatex AG in Näfels, Switzerland.

The range of activities performed by the company Marty Ingenieure AG includes the inter-disciplinary management of projects involving municipal civil engineering, street and road construction, and management of modern environmental and natural-risk issues. In their new offices, 16 staff are presently at work in these new facilities, where they will work at SITAGACTIVE L-configured desks. In addition, SITAG delivered numerous items of special furniture and customized furnishings.