Success stories

Marposs AG

Quality and efficiency

Clarity with structure. The clarity of MCS office furniture is structured by office partition screens from the MCS system. Together with their superior production quality, they also reflect a key aspect of Marposs corporate strategy. As a functional swivel chair Reality and EL100 were used.

Strenght in diversity. The Sitag Modular Cabinet System (MCS) was developed to enable the optimal solution for all room and working situations. MCS can be expanded as required, and individually equipped with hanging files, drawers and front panels that can be lifted or swivelled. Retrofitting is no problem, and the modular configuration assures optimal space utilization.

The alternation between transparent, translucent, and closed MCS office partition screens creates attractive as well as functional design solutions. They can be cleanly and smoothly matched to MCS desks, and a great number of organization elements can be simply integrated. The application of office partition screens fitted with stretched, highly sound-absorbing fabric panels appreciably enhances room acoustics.

The modular configuration of MCS effectively enables office design exclusively oriented to office work sequences and to the needs of the users – without having to make aesthetic compromises. At the same time, the flexible, customeroriented production organization at Sitag also allows individual modifications. Special printer furniture with tabletop gap for cable routing.