Success stories

Just Schweiz AG

The new complex

includes 14,000 m² on 3 production levels and 3 setback levels with offices, labs, and logistics – as well as an underground garage for staff. Varying façade depths, projecting strip elements, plays of shadow, and alternating materials pleasantly break up the building complex, 70 m long and 32 m high.

In the laboratories and offices, the SITAG MCS Cabinet System and the SITAG Cabinet Programme – with their flexible adaptation to the individual user profile – have been installed as office storage furniture. The SITAGWAVE and SITAGPOINT MESH programmes won over planners for the office chairs at JUST. These SITAG chairs, in blue-white, match JUST corporate colours.

Again and again, the new JUST complex offers staff and visitors exciting views into and throughout the building. The extensive portfolio of models and the flexibility offered by customized versions have enabled creation of a uniform form and colour language – despite highly diverse requirements: e.g., placed on seating furniture not only for the office, but also for the lab areas. 

The great range of the SITAG production portfolio also enabled furnishing the JUST conference and meeting rooms according to individual requirements. The conference table from the SITAGINLINE range demonstrates SITAG competence in discriminating wood craftsmanship. The SITAGCONTACT cantilever chair models – fully upholstered and with leather covers – round out the exclusive range of conference seating. Also installed here are the flexibly applicable tables from the SITAGMOVE line, in combination with SITAG EL 100 cantilever chairs, featuring filigree woven-mesh backrests. 

For the meeting room, an especially crafted sideboard was delivered, which accommodated computers, multimedia systems, and even beverages. One of the essential components included was also the ventilation system, and ease of accessibility of the connections was assured.

The canteen and cafeteria, with their impressive view over Lake Constance, were furnished with folding tables from the SITAGMOVE line that can be shoved into each other for storage. Also installed in this room are round stand-up tables and table elements manufactured according to the customer’s wishes. Here as well, the colours blue and white dominate, as complemented by the natural shades of the parquet flooring.